So, you may be asking yourself, “What is a VINE year?”

VINE (Volunteers in the New Evangelization) is a commitment to offer gifts and talents to CCO for nine months in a specific field of service. CCO’s Campus VINE program is designed to provide short-term help to help with the work of campus evangelization, while forming leaders who will be able to contribute to the life of the Church. The primary roles of a participant in the CCO Campus VINE program include:

  • Learning and implementing CCO’s philosophy and methodology of campus evangelization
  • Organizing and executing outreach tables and other outreach strategies
  • Meeting with new contacts (including sharing the Ultimate Relationship booklet)
  • Welcoming and investing in new people
  • Leading Discovery Faith Studies
  • Assist in the planning, organization and execution of various campus events, retreats and conferences.
  • Be immersed in the life of a CCO missionary as a co-labourer on the campus staff team.
  • Receive mentorship from a senior campus staff member.

Participants in the Campus VINE program add great vitality and excitement to the local CCO movements through their contagious zeal, energy, witness and service. Participants in the Campus VINE Program can expect their term to start in mid-August and end in the middle of April.

I have an interesting journey ahead of me to prepare for this VINE year. All CCO staff members rely on providence and the generosity of the community to provide enough for them to live. During the summer, I will be support-raising roughly $1,600 monthly  to cover my living expenses for the 8 months that I will be working at Carleton University. Please keep me in your prayers as I build my support team. Or if you feel called to do so, you might consider becoming part of my financial support team.

For more information about CCO, visit their website  or the CCO Canada Facebook page

To learn about becoming a financial supporter, please visit here. To download a supporter form to set up monthly donations please visit here.

If you would like to speak to me about anything to do with my upcoming ministry (or just to talk!) please email me! or


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