About Me

Hello, thanks for visiting my page!

My name is Mallory White. I am currently living in Calgary Alberta, but I (sort of) originally hail from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. A recent graduate from Dalhousie University, I majored in Kinesiology. I am passionate about many things. I love health and wellness, photography, animals, people, delicious beer, sports, and God. I am very active in my Christian faith, and I like to call myself a Catholic. I have decided that I will be postponing my career and future education for one year, and will be working for Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) for eight months starting in September.

When I first started university at Carleton back in 2006, I was making my way back from class when I stumbled upon an information table about the Catholic group on campus (CCO). They invited me to do a weekly faith study with them, where I could meet them once a week in a small group and participate in a guided study about my Christian faith. After transferring to Dalhousie, I discovered the same group existed and continued doing faith studies and participating in monthly events. My faith evolved, and I changed from someone who attended church as a kid growing up, to someone who has personally chosen her faith. Through being involved in CCO, I feel that I have learned the value of having God as a central figure in my life and I have an excellent moral compass to guide me through my journey into adulthood. I want to dedicate a year of my life to working for CCO doing campus ministry in order to help others have the same opportunity that I had to grow in their faith. I have been placed at Carleton University, which is very special because it is the campus where it all started for me. I will be on a team of 4, and we will lead faith studies and have monthly events for students who are interested in pursuing their faith.

I have an interesting journey ahead of me to prepare for this year. All CCO staff members rely on providence and the generosity of the community to provide enough for them to live. During the summer, I will be support-raising roughly $1,600 monthly  to cover my living expenses for the 8 months that I will be working at Carleton University. Please keep me in your prayers as I build my support team. Or if you feel called to do so, you might consider becoming part of my financial support team.

For more information about CCO, visit their website  or the CCO Canada Facebook page

To learn about becoming a financial supporter, please visit here. To download a supporter form to set up monthly donations please visit here.

If you would like to speak to me about anything to do with my upcoming ministry (or just to talk) please email me!




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