Canada Day in Sorrento BC

I got a really nice surprise when I found out that the family was invited to a friend’s cottage in Sorrento BC for the Canada Day long weekend. I’ve never had the opportunity to see any part of BC other than Vancouver, but longed to visit the beauty I’ve heard so much about. They said it would take at least 7 hours to get there, but I was so excited for the road trip because I absolutely love driving and looking at the sights outside my window. As we drove out of Calgary towards the mountains, I started to go picture crazy, snapping pictures of every mountain I saw. Well, I definitely got my fill of mountains: once we entered the mountains we never really left! It was truly amazing to see how the mountain range changed as we moved from Alberta to BC. I have to say my favorite part was when we started drive along the Shuswap Lake. It is this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and it looks like heaven.

But as you can guess, with that kind of beauty are people who want to own part of it. A piece of land with just a view of the lake starts at 200 thousand! Predictably, there are a lot of wealthy people who have their second home out that way. The lady who we were staying with is actually a therapeutic clown at the children’s hospital in Calgary, which is how the family knows her. I’m guessing she must have done pretty well for herself as a clown to have a cottage our there 😉

My favorite part of my weekend was my morning runs. They were spectacular, running along farmers’ fields with horses grazing and mountains in the background ❤

Unfortunately, a lot of the areas surrounding Shuswap Lake are flooded due to the excessive amount of rain that the area has received over the last few weeks. We were not able to participate in any Canada Day celebrations, but we were perfectly fine with simply enjoying the evening at the cottage 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The rest of the pictures of my 6 weeks spent with the family in Calgary can be viewed here



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