Anne of Rosebud Theatre

While I certainly love being in a new place with new surroundings, I sincerely miss my home of Halifax and Prince Edward Island. Alberta has amazing scenery that ranges from rolling prairies to rocky mountains. But to me, nothing compares to the ocean breezes and the simple beauty of the east coast. I feel that I have a special connection, having red hair and all, to PEI, whose own famous fictional celebrity shares the same hair color. To hear that for Keira’s 10th birthday party we would be heading to the small town of Rosebud, Alberta to see Anne of Green Gables the Musical at Rosebud Theatre I was so thrilled!

It was so nice to drive out of the city limits of Calgary through gorgeous rolling prairie landscape to get to our destination. Rosebud turned out to be a charming little town that seemed to be the perfect setting to show the story of an orphan who travels to Avonlea, PEI. The day started with a really lovely brunch buffet, with live musical entertainment as we ate. Then we strolled around the town for a bit before the show started. I’ve seen the original Anne musical in PEI, and this one compared very nicely. I would say the added bonus was seeing the cast bicycling home after. It was so nice that Keira and her friend were able to meet many of the cast, especially Anne herself. It was surprising to hear that the cast members had never been to PEI, and seemed thrilled to hear that I had such a close connection to the island. I hope that I convinced them that it is worth the trip out there, especially now that they have reenacted our most favorite story.

To see more pictures from my time in Calgary click here


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