Soccer, Sewing, and Hanging Out

Working with this family in Calgary is always so exciting because there is never a dull moment.

The first day I arrived, I got to watch Gus and Keira battle it out in a soccer match between parents and players. Gus just happens to be a soccer fanatic and the coach of the team so that made it extra special.

Marnie is a very special family friend who comes over once a week and does really fun activities with the girls. This week was extra fun because we got to make pillow cases and PJ bottoms. I just took an interest in sewing before I came here, so I was so eager to try my hand at actually making something. Pillow cases and PJ bottoms were actually quite easy to make (if you have the right gear and know how to follow a pattern). Luckily for me she had some great equipment and is an expert pattern follower and was willing to show me how it’s done. I think my next purchase (when I have money) will be a really good sewing machine and serger.

Keira had a sleep over that night (it was her birthday the next day!) so I got to take her and her friend Sarah to the park


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