City Hopping

So, I am in Calgary now. I moved from Halifax to Calgary within a span of 1 1/2 weeks. Crazy eh?

Two years ago I did the Impact mission in Calgary. While I was there, I worked for a family who had a teenage daughter with Guillain Barre Syndrome.  She was left with a pretty severe physical disability. My job was to help with the physical and occupational therapy that she was to do everyday. I would come to their home each day for 4 months to help with this rehabilitation program. It has been one of my favorite jobs because it combined kinesiological content with working intimately with a family.

About two weeks ago, I got a call from this family. I had sent them a news letter about what I was going to be up to this upcoming year with CCO. I mentioned that I would be support raising. She called to offer me a job withe their family for the next 6 weeks, where I can earn money towards my support raising but also can do some support raising at St. Patrick’s parish where I was stationed during Impact.

Our days are jam-packed with fun stories. I will try to update this more often. For now, here are some shots I took while I waited for them in the airport.

Map of Alberta and Calgary in the Calgary International Airport

White Hat volunteers at the Calgary International Airport


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