The Patient Farmer

The other night when I was reading my bible, I came across this in Mark:

“And He said, ‘The Kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seed upon the ground, and then continues sleeping an rising night and day while the seed sprouts  and grows and increases – he knows not how. The earth produces by itself – first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear.’”– Mark 4:26-28

In other words, the farmer plants his seed in the ground and then continues on with his life, sleeping and rising. Eventually, the ground will produce the crop in its own. The farmer doesn’t know how or when the harvest will come, but he still goes about his life and his job. He is patient with his field and the seed he as sown until he receives the harvest.

Often, I get impatient, frustrated, and anxious waiting for my seed to grow. For example, I have sent out 20+ resumes over the last 2 months and still do not have a job. Another example is support-raising for my year with CCO. I have no idea how I will get 1500$/month in support.  I am continually asking God, “How are you going to make this work? When is it going to happen?” But maybe I am trying to make something happen that only God can make happen. I am hoping for a breakthrough and nothing seems to be working. Through reading this scripture, perhaps I can use the farmer as an example. A farmer never knows when exactly his crop will come in. He just goes about his daily business. He can do things to help his crops, such as enriching the soil, but leaves the rest up to faith that earth will produce something for him. I must learn to do the same. I will put the work in by putting out resumes and establishing contacts for my support-team, and I will try to be patient and trust that God will take care of the rest.

On a different topic….

The IMPACT! mission had their first Courageous Catholic (CC) session on Tuesday night. CC is an 11-week faith study for individuals who are actively involved with their parish. It offers practical training and inspiring teaching to engage them in the work of evangelization. It will equip them with powerful tools to be missionary in their sphere of influence. This will be done by teaching them about the church’s missionary identity, to help them identify opportunities for evangelization, and the practical tools to carry it out. The hope is that the course will act as a catalyst in transforming their ministry and inspiring them to bring others into the joy of knowing and loving God.

Impact 2012 – the Courageous Catholic group meeting at St. Agnes Church

We had over 50 members from 7 different parishes from all over the HRM!


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