Opening up the tackle box

Ever wonder how certain things bait us in? Perhaps you were watching a commercial about a big, delicious looking hamburger from McDonald’s and decided you just needed to have one. What about sports; did you ever have a coach who convinced you not to quit? Let’s think about famous positive role models like Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela. They have certain traits that are so attractive and inspire us. Maybe you can think of examples closer to home, of people who attract you into their lives. If you are a Christian, how did you come into your faith? I would bet that someone invited you in, and you were “baited” by something that you just couldn’t ignore.

We read in the Gospels that several of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen by trade when Jesus walked into their lives (see Mark 1:16-20). You probably know how the story goes, Jesus asks them instead to become “Fishers of Men”. I think Jesus used these men very specifically to demonstrate an important model of evangelization. If you have ever been fishing, you know that there are about a million types of bait you can use to catch a fish. God has given all of us unique skills and talents that no one else possesses in exactly the same way that we do. God pleads with all of use to use these gifts to demonstrate through our lives, words, and actions the blessings of being one of His followers.  Entering my new journey in life as a missionary, it will be very exciting to see how my unique characteristics will be used to draw others into this wonderful, rich faith that I have come to know. Some people will respond to hearing about God, others might respond to seeing my actions that demonstrate His love and grace, and some might see the joy and peace I have in my life.All of these things can be used to draw people into the net of God’s love.

Every encounter offers a new way to go fishing 🙂


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