Hanging out with Craig and Alora

I consider myself a very fortunate person to have my family live so close to me. Both of my brothers live here in the HRM as well as my Aunt Rosanna. My parents only live 4 hours away in PEI. My older brother Chris has a beautiful wife and family, and it’s amazing that I’ve been here to see my niece and nephew grow up. Craig is 4 and Alora is about to turn 2. It is such a humbling experience to watch someone grow up from birth. Every time I go over for a visit, I am blown away with how much these little people can change in such a short amount of time. For example,  I recently went over to babysit these two and took them to the park. First of all, my niece walked there on her own. I mean of course I held her hand, but I just couldn’t believe that a couple of months ago I was carrying her everywhere. Then my nephew was playing all by himself, and didn’t even need his Aunt Mallory to help him climb up the stairs, or catch him at the bottom of the slide. I think I was even more surprised  by my nephew when it was bedtime. This little guy was caught by his Uncle Josh stealing a cookie before bed. Not only was he capable of stealing, but he felt guilt and shame for it and lied about stealing it. Josh and I weren’t really mad, it was harmless, and he was pretty cute about it. It still surprised me though, that my little nephew, who I was changing his diaper not too long ago, knows what he isn’t supposed to do and can now come up with a way to do it anyways. We all do things we know we aren’t supposed to and do them anyways. Most of the time, we are really good at hiding it from the people we love the most. I wish these secrets were all as harmless as stealing a cookie before bed. I wish my nephew stayed that innocent, when the baddest thing he could feel shame about what making his Aunt Mallory and Uncle Josh disappointing in him for eating a cookie without asking.

I suppose that is a bit of a depressing line of thought, but I was so struck at the innocence of childhood when he did that. I’m so grateful for kids. They remind me not to take my life so seriously.

Here are the little rascals 🙂 For better picture quality visit my page on Flikr


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